Best Winter Face Masks That Will Keep You Warm

Best Winter Face Masks To Keep You Warm

During winter, we need to protect ourselves not only from air pollution, bacteria and viruses. Lower temps weaken our immune system and allow developing virus infections more freely. That’s why winter masks should have essential features to protect our health:


During pandemics stopping the germs is a basic feature of all masks. They should be equipped with good filters - at least N95/FFP2. Such filters are to most reasonable as they combine good breathability and are efficient enough to prevent viruses from entering our body. Cloth masks or plastic face coverings rather protect people around than protect the user.

Tightly fitted

Even the best filter won’t work if the air goes around and passes it sideways. That’s why, similar to the protective aspects above, masks without a system that tightens the filter to the face won’t be very protective. You can buy plastic universal adapters that hold some masks to the face but they are rather stiff and probably it’s going to be difficult to match them to some faces. Some masks have various ways of tightening, mostly they will have a simple metal clip on top of the nose, but they do not work well.

Easy to breathe and comfortable

Wearing face protection for more than 30 minutes can be a pain. Especially when it’s hard to breathe and the mask squeezes your face. Also, the moisture from exhaled air condensates under the mask. Good quality filters provide good breathability, but the mask they are installed also should have good airflow. To deal with the moist and CO2, exhale valves let the air from breathed air to exit the mask freely, which improves the comfort of use.


Lower temps outside make it easier to get sick. The cooling of the respiratory tract in the nose and throat to 32-35 degrees C create perfect conditions for the development of rhinoviruses, which are the main cause of colds and runny nose.

By breathing cold air, we cool the epithelium of the upper respiratory tract, weakening the "interferon response" - the response of cells to the presence of viruses, allowing them to develop more freely. This directly reduces the body's ability to defend itself against viruses.

In combination with the weakened immune response of a cold organism, it leads to frequent and easy colds.

From products available on the market mostly you have to choose between bandanas, balaclavas, neck gaiters, neck warmers, etc. They do not have any filters inside, so you should use them together with a mask, but it’s neither comfortable nor that looks good.

The Best Solution

That’s why we created Lekko Face Scarf - face mask integrated into a scarf. It’s an ultimate solution for winter that combines all the features of a perfect winter mask. Not only protects you from air pollution, fine dust or airborne germs like bacteria and viruses. The form of a scarf gives you warmth and protects you from wind and cold. It’s not only comfortable but crucial for your health. Our new refined face scarfs are the best product we ever released and could be the ultimate solution for winter.

The Scarf 3.0 is available in many colors and two styles - City, for a more casual look, and Renegade, which has a more sporty feeling. The holes in the fabric are designed to ease the air flow. The Renegade is made of two types of fabric - warm cotton around the neck, and mesh in front of the filter. The City model is made from one piece of fabric, but the holes are the effect of a special weave that creates holes in the fabric in the mouth area to ensure easy breathing. Both are equipped with a zipper for easier putting on that, so it won’t damage your hairstyle.

The Body of all Lekko Scarfs 3.0 and pureAir masks shares the same construction and filtration system. All scarfs have replaceable N95 (FFP2) filters, made of 4 layer nano-woven that lasts for over a month of use. It will stop the smallest impurities of 0.3 micrometer like air pollution, road dust, PM10 and PM2.5 dust contained in it, but also other harmful airborne particles like germs, bacteria and viruses.

What’s more, they have an adaptive sealing system with foam paddings that fits to the face, so no contaminants will pass by. This is an important aspect, as according to CDC, tightly fitted masks vastly increase protections of the wearer and others against coronavirus infection and makes this feature more relevant than ever.

But the most important advantage of all is that it has the same form - that protects you from wind and cold. Fabric around the face and neck is thick enough to provide warm and stop the wind, preventing respiratory tracts from cooling. But it’s thin enough to overheat. It can be worn as a scarf, laying on the neck freely most of the time, and when you need it, simply put it on your face.

That’s why, aside from the filtration itself, the form of scarf supports your immune system and could be the ultimate winter mask.