Breathe healthier, cleaner air.

In an era of constant rush and high speed life, few people wonder about the quality of the air that they breathe. In reality, however, what we breathe affects our well-being, energy level and our immune system. Long-term this can also affect our health and even cause serious illness.

At Lekko we put utmost importance to providing you with protection that guarantees clean inhaled air. We do it by combining the most advanced filter materials available on the market with a thoughtful design that ensures airtight seal and comfortable breating. Our scarf consists of four layers. The outer layer is the highest quality cotton with a weave created from scratch to protect against bad weather and cold. It not only ensures heat retention, but also thanks to the micro-pore system allows for free air exchange during breathing.

Inside of Lekko scarf you'll find a filtering system consisting of two layers: activated carbon and a special nano-fibre fabric able to filter particles as small as 0.1 micron. This solution prevents 99.97% of harmful particles from entering your lungs (tests confirmed by independent laboratory). This level of filtration will also protect you against viruses, bacteria and chemical contaminants.

The last fourth layer is the internal lining which makes wearing it everyday a comfortable and pleasant experience. It consists of cotton padding material (lower part) and a skin-friendly micro-mesh separating the face from the filter surface and ensuring free air flow.

In the filtering system, we used two very large exhaust valves (internal diameter 28 mm) enabling quick release of exhaled carbon dioxide and moisture. In addition, we have used a double regulation system and a laser cut, three-layer 'nose fit' seal, providing the highest possible tightness unmatched in other products on the market. See more details by watching the video: