Enjoy comfort while wearing Lekko.

Lekko Anti Pollution Scarves have been equipped with a double adjustment system, thanks to which you can easily adapt them to increase your comfort.

Thanks to this application, the scarves do not slip and do not squeeze the neck area. They are also much more airtight than traditional face masks.
The flexible nose fit is designed so that it can be easily shaped, thus conveniently adheres to the face, without causing discomfort, and at the same time it performs very well at providing unpenetrable air seal.

Thanks to these solutions, you will get an airtight protection against atmospheric pollution, while feeling really comfortable at the same time.

In addition, the inner layer of the scarves consists of a cotton padding fabric and a nice micro-mesh separating your skin from the filter surface. This will prevent irritation to the face and neck area, while at the same time feeling warm and skin-friendly.