Face masks for kids | Should they wear it?

Lekko N95 FFP2 Face Masks For Kids

Should kids wear n95 face masks?

Face masks became a part of our everyday life. We see them on every step as they became a basic weapon against spreading coronavirus. Almost every adult wears it in public spaces.

But what about kids? Most of them have simple cloth masks or even doesn’t cover their mouths. So should they wear n95 grade face masks? The answer is: DEFINITELY YES.

Long term effect on kids

Long term effects of covid on kids aren’t researched enough to be sure they do not cause health issues. But current research shows that even infants can suffer from long term complications, even brain and organ damage. This should be enough reason for kids to wear face masks.

Kids spread covid

Even kids do not get sick from covid very often, but they can spread coronavirus as carriers. Especially as they do not have symptoms very often, they can bring it from school or friends, catch during shopping or travelling and give it to adults and elders, no matter how much they watch out or how good protection they use.

Wearing masks not only stops from ingesting airborne hazards. Kids touch everything around and then touch their mouths, eyes and nose. Wearing masks keep them from touching face most of the time.

Face masks for kids

N95 / FFP2 filters

Currently, there are plenty of masks on the market designed “for kids” but most of them are a simple sheet of fabric that do not protect them. Every single day, more and more scientist, doctors and media say that we should use at least N95/KN95/FFP2 grade masks as just such these can stop viruses from entering the body.

N95 is the first stage of effective barrier against viruses and bacteria. N95 filters have the ability to stop PM2.5 particles that have around 0,3 micrometers. That’s the size of the virus body, so it can be stopped.

Why in every single movie about epidemics doctors wear advanced masks instead of fabric ones? Because even in science fiction movies they don’t work and do not protect.

Fitted to face

Even if masks have a quality N95 filters, that doesn't mean that they will stop germs. The whole point of filtration is to stop the airborne particles on the filter. But when the filter isn’t well fitted and airtight - this means that everything goes around it and the whole system doesn't work. This is the essence of what differences good masks from bad masks.

Lekko Face masks for kids

We spend a lot of time creating a kids face mask version to overcome the flaws of other designs by ensuring protection and comfort, as kids are very demanding users.

Kids mask that fit

Our innovative OptiForm® tightness system with a set of soft, profiled inserts, adapts to any face shape. This not only makes our kids masks airtight and protective but also makes them surprisingly comfortable.

N95 protection

The mask uses a system of replaceable filters made of the highest quality nano-woven fabric that stops even the smallest particles of 0.3 micrometer, such as smog and PM10 and PM2.5 dust, allergens, viruses and bacteria. Mask comes with N95 filter for increased airflow. Activated carbon layer will neutralize harmful gases such as exhaust fumes and other toxins on busy city streets. The filtration efficiency was confirmed during tests in the renowned Nelson Labs laboratories in Utah, USA.

Comfortable and light

Adjustable straps of PureAir Kids Face Mask allows optimal adjustment to the child's face. The mask can be worn using ear loops, head strap or both. In addition, the head strap combined with the low weight allows you to wear the mask all day around your neck effortlessly without fear of losing it.

An ultralight kids mask allow them to stay in the mask for a long time without discomfort. Head strap allows the mask to be conveniently hung around the neck, preventing losing and easy to put back to the face. High-quality materials and the best certified filters will ensure safety against pollution and airborne threats, such as smog, allergens, viruses and bacteria.

Easy to breathe

The outer layer of light VentNet mesh ensures free air flow, which makes breathing much easier, especially during exercise and summer temperatures. Two large exhaust valves in the filter will allow moisture and exhaled air to exit freely and reduce the temperature under the mask.

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