Lekko 2.0 Filtration Scarf


Lekko 2.0 filtration scarf is a new dimension of air pollution protection. Developed to combine style with the highest level of filtration, it offers outstanding comfort, fit and full protection against dust and particles as small as 0.1µm. Ventilation inlets that open with a zipper increase the external air flow whenever you need it while walking, jogging, cycling.

All-in-one protective scarf that you can take anywhere. A scarf in which you can feel good.

What's new in Lekko 2.0 Filtration Scarf?


Comparing to the previous generation, in 2.0 version we optimized scarfs internal design for improved and more direct air flow, reducing breathing resistance and improving removal of exhaled moisture and carbon dioxide.


New generation of filtration scarf Lekko 2.0 was equipped with additional air inlets to increase air flow. During intensified physical activity or to improve breathing comfort, open the inlets by unzipping the zippers on both sides of the scarf. This does not affect filtration efficiency nor filter life span.


Reinvented internal scarf construction has allowed the use of an optimized filtration system. The directed air flow makes the new filter smaller, easier to install and equally efficient. Its filtering properties remained at an equally high level. Two types of filters will be available for the version 2.0: N99 - with the highest degree of filtration, as in the previous generation, retaining 99.97% of impurities, including PM10, PM2.5 dust, pollen, pesticides, dust, bacteria, some viruses, volatile organic compounds, smoke or unpleasant smells

In addition, N95 filters will also be available for the version 2.0 - providing effective protection with lower breathing resistance, significantly increasing comfort. Both types of filters can be switched any time, which allows better matching of the scarf's properties to the prevailing conditions and needs of the user.

Improved adjusting system

Compared to the previous version, the 2.0 scarf received an improved fitting system. Scarf is equipped in two adjustment bands - the upper (main) holds scarf on face and seals the nose area, the lower (auxiliary) seals the filter system in the jaw area.

What's more, we have used an additional layer of soft, contoured foam around the nose and cheeks, which, in combination with a flexible, easy-to-form metal "nose", provides a comfortable fit to the face. Together they form a tight barrier and optimaliaze air flow through the scarf.