Look great every day.

At Lekko we design in a way that allows integrating high level of protection with your favorite type of accessories. We've also designed for ourselves, hence we know how important it is to feel good in what we wear, not to be overdressed, but just dressed.
Discreet filters built into the internal structure of Lekko Anti Pollution Scarves guarantee
reduction of amount of harmful pollutants, not affecting the appearance of our products.
We wanted the protection you wear to be integrated with your outfit so well, that you just use it every day and enjoy every moment fully.

The color is important, and you know exactly what fits you, allowing you to set yourself in good mood.
That's why we gave you choice of seven colors to match the Scarf to your style.
Gentle shades of colors can be combined with most of the clothes, whilst more vivid and bold ones will emphasize your individual style.

In addition to color, we paid special attention to the texture, therefore the weave of our material has been carefully designed to create a three-dimensional surface. When light shines on the fabric at different angles, you can observe completely different patterns and shades of colors. Therefore wearing Lekko can give you very original look, allowing you to boost your every day style and feel more unique.

If you feel better in a something more cozy, you can combine the scarf with special long Lekko Shawl (coming soon). You can match it in a way that its color and texture perfectly fit with original Scarf, which gives the impression that you are wearing one piece of clothing.

Or maybe you want to make a two-color combination? The texture of the material will then be the common denominator, and a set of different colors will create new styling possibilities.