Mask or anti-pollution scarf? Which product to choose?

Many cities in Poland are struggling with a record-breaking high level of pollution. Often the level of air pollution exceeds the acceptable standards and directly affects our well-being and health. In the article, we will compare anti-pollution masks and scarfs, in terms of usability, health protection, wearing comfort, filters and appearance. Mask or anti-pollution scarf? Which product to choose?

Public awareness of health protection against smog improves from year to year. By following common sense, we choose anti-smog masks, putting aside aesthetic. What if, you can choose a product that provides the highest level of protection, comfort and good looks?


The foundation, both for masks and anti-pollution scarfs is the health protection provided by the installed filters. When selecting a product, the technology used should be verified - through shared laboratory tests and certificates.

According to the research, 5 out of 10 masks do not meet EU standards. In Poland no regulations have not been defined regarding the sale of anti-smog masks and scarfs. Suppliers offer cheap solutions, which unfortunately do not protect our health against smog, viruses or bacteria.

There are two types of suspended particles (smog): PM10 and PM2.5. Exposure to high concentrations causes respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and increases the risk of emergency hospitalizations (asthma severity, acute respiratory response, decreased lung function, etc.).

The best solution is to choose anti-smog masks and scarfs that use filters with FFP3 [EU certificate] or N99 [US certificate] standards. They guarantee the highest health protection, stopping over 99% of airborne particles harmful for our body.

In Lekko we use the N99 filters. It protects against 0.1 micron particles such as: pollen, pesticides, dust, bacteria, some viruses, particles from combustion engines, and cigarette smoke. We used a replaceable filter, whose lifespan is determined at 60-70 hours of exposure to smog.

See the results of laboratory tests

Usability and wearing comfort

When choosing a product, we are also guided by the usability and comfort. In this respect, anti-smog scarfs are a better solution. Masks, because of their structure and construction, cause discomfort in the long run.

The shape of anti-smog masks is not ideally suited to the shape of the face. The material from which they are made, can cause skin irritation or abrasion. In most cases, they don’t let out the moisture from the inside of the mask. Most of the masks are equipped with a simple metal 'nose fit' - this makes it difficult to fit then for those who wear glasses.

Despite the adjustment of face masks, they can slide down and are not stable - making cycling or jogging not very comfortable.

Lekko anti-pollution scarfs are designed to combine high health protection with maximum comfort. The outer and inner layer consists of a cotton fabric - this avoids irritation of the skin of the face and neck area. Also, special valves allow you to let out exhaled moisture and CO2 from the scarf.

In our products, we used a double adjustment system that increases the wearing comfort. You can adjust the Lekko scarf to your needs, without worrying about it sliding down, even during recreational cycling.


The filters used and the solutions applied both in anti-smog masks and scarves are the source of the health protection level. Some of the products available on the market do not meet any standards and in our opinion shouldn’t be offered.

Anti-smog masks, even when using high quality filters, can not fully meet our expectations. Each of us should be able to individually adjust the face mask. Unfortunately some of the offered products are made of materials that do not allow it, exposing us to smog, as they do not fit perfectly to the face.

Lekko products offer functionalities such as flexible 'nose fit' seal and double-adjustment system - designed to support health protection. They prevent harmful particles from entering to our body, by the possibility of individual adjustment to the shape of the face.

Anti-smog mask or anti-smog scarf


Comparing anti-smog masks and scarves, we can't ignore the difference in looks of both products. Some people do not use masks because they do not look good in them.

You do not have to give up good looks. Anti-smog scarfs are based typical on shawls or scarfs, which we use every day during winter. A wide variety of colors allows us to choose products that fit your wardrobe and make a fashionable addition to our outfit.

We discreetly hid the filter and valves, so it does not affect our appearance or comfort. Wearing Lekko products we feel comfortable, without exposing ourselves to the strange looks of passers-by, while we are protected in the best possible way. In this case, health care goes hand in hand with good looks.

Protect yourself from smog and look good

We should take care of our health - this should not be discussed. Do not choose the cheapest solutions that do not meet the standards and only theoretically protect us. Health care should be our priority. The greater awareness of air quality threads, the easier it is to take care of the environment and our lives.

When choosing products, focus on the quality of the filters. The main purpose of the masks and scarfs is to protect our health against pollution.

The highest quality anti-smog masks, having filters that meet European Union standards, should be in our wardrobe. However, if we can get equally effective, but also fashionable, useful and comfortable Lekko scarf in a similar price, the choice becomes obvious.

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