New weapon against allergies

Pollen season is here

The world has turned green, which means that the pollen season has started. Climate change makes it worse as it makes it longer and more intese.

Dust affects us not only in the meadow or park, but also in the city or at home. Runny nose, irritated eyes, malaise and lack of energy - can take all the pleasure from the sunny weather. Antiallergic drugs are the primary weapon in the fight against allergies, but they are not always enough. However, there is a way to significantly improve the quality of life in the summer period and support you in the fight against allergies.

New weapon against allergies

Not many people know that protective masks and scarves can significantly reduce allergy symptoms. This is because they trap pollen inside the filters. Their size means that the filters (FFP1 class and higher) are great at capturing these particles before getting into the nasal and throat mucosa - significantly reducing exposure and unpleasant effects. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and enjoy life.

Our masks will stop any allergens

Both Lekko masks and scarves have 5-layer filters with a layer of activated carbon. This allows you to capture even the smallest pollutants - not only pollen from trees and plants, but also car exhaust particles and wind blown dust.

In addition, in our store you will find masks for kids - the only masks on the market that have been designed with children for the children that actually work by effective filtering of impurities, thanks to their tightness and adjustment to a child's face.

Try Lekko

Check out our masks and relieve yourself and your loved ones from allergies. What's more they are airtight, very light and comfortable - perfect for summer. Don't wait and check out our masks and scarves with 30% discount.


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