Lekko Antipollution Scarf / Mask 2.0 - Light Grey

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Lekko 2.0 filtration scarf is a product that combines highest level air filtration with a stylish design and convenience of use. Available in many colors, it will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe for everyday travels around the city and beyond.

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Lekko 2.0 filtration scarf is a new dimension of air pollution protection. Developed to combine style with the highest level of filtration, it offers outstanding comfort, fit and full protection against dust and particles as small as 0.1µm. Ventilation inlets that open with a zipper increase the external air flow whenever you need it while walking, jogging, cycling.

All-in-one protective scarf that you can take anywhere. A scarf in which you can feel good.


Lekko 2.0 filtration scarf is available in 3 sizes to ensure maximum comfort and protection against dust. To choose the right scarf for you - measure the distance between the the root of the nose and the lower end of your chin:

• S - from 100 to 110mm

• M - from 110 to 120mm

• L - from 120 to 130mm


The mask uses the best filtration system on the market with N99 efficiency, retaining not only PM10 and PM2.5 particles, but also PM0.1. The filtration efficiency during tests in renowned Nelson Labs was determined at 99.97%.

Our scarf consists of four layers:

• Outer layer - the highest quality cotton with a special weave ensures warmth and free air flow

• Activated carbon layer - absorbing volatile organic compounds, smoke or unpleasant odors

• Special nano-woven fabric - unique structure that retains particles as small as 0.1 microns - PM10, PM2.5 dust, pollen, pesticides, dust, bacteria, some viruses and others

• Micro-mesh fabric - separates the skin from the filter surface and ensures free air flow - made of 100% cotton.

In addition, we used two large exhaust valves (28 mm internal diameter) in the filter system to allow for the rapid removal of exhaled carbon dioxide and moisture.


Lekko 2.0 filtration scarf has been designed for the highest level of protection while maintaining full comfort of use in every situation. We equipped it with:

• Adjustable drawstring system allowing you to customize the scarf

• Easy-to-adjust metal 'nose fit' seal for full-face fit

• Contoured soft memory foam that remembers the shape and ensures seal around the nose

• Two operational ventilation inlets to increase airflow when you need it - without compromising filtration efficiency


Lekko 2.0 filtration scarf was created for comfort of use on all levels. The outer material of the scarf is made of 100% cotton with a special and visually attractive weave, available in many colors. The form of the scarf eliminates the problem of the unnatural appearance of typical dust masks - it becomes a stylish element of clothing that makes you feel comfortable.


Together with the scarf, you will receive an information brochure showing how to use it. We've put everything you need to know about everyday use and product maintenance in an accessible form.

Remember that the Lekko 2.0 scarf is an accessory, a combination of clothing and technological protection system. It's much more than a scarf. It’s a tool that you use every day during every moment spent in the open air.


We want the Lekko 2.0 scarf to serve you as long as possible. We attach to it a high-quality storage box, perfectly protecting the scarf against creasing, moisture and absorption of odors from the environment. Use it so that your scarf will keep its best shape as long as possible.

To improve styling experience, you can buy the Lekko shawl in both matching color or choose from a wide variety on our website.

Each filter is enough for about 60-90 hours of use. The longer filter life than traditional masks is due to the fact that it has a much larger active surface that participates in the air flow.


Combine comfort, good appearance and effective filtration in one piece of clothing. Choose Lekko 2.0 and see how quality of your life improves.

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