Lekkowear philosophy

At Lekko we believe in more conscious approach to human-environment interaction. We care about healthier relationship with nature while bringing the means to breathing cleaner air. We've created and are constantly working on innovation in a piece of daily clothing that also has a second meaning: it not only protects you from cold or bad weather, but also gives you protection against tiny particles in the air that in the long term are very dangerous for your lungs and health. We don't just make clothing. We make wearables, clothes that use technology to improve our life and well-being. It gives us potential to make a bigger change in the way we dress and things we can do and achieve to protect ourselves from dangerous surrounding and to prevent them to happen in the first place. Thanks to our young and inspirational team, in past months we have already accomplished huge work development and innovation.

Every breath you take

Our environment has changed and will continue to change in the near future, and because we have more knowledge about our environment, we are concerned that the way we lived in the last century is not the best for us as a species that has evolved under different conditions. Our lungs developed in a process that lasted over 5 million years. The world at that time was a much different place than our present environment.

We try to apply our understanding of the world and live a healthier life. As we gain more knowledge, we eat better food and try to be more active in our daily activities. We love the space and cities that we have created, but during the process we forgot about one key component of a healthy lifestyle. As we became more and more stronger as a species, we used so much energy that we changed our atmosphere and its chemical composition. We take almost 20,000 breaths every day, and our air is a big part of who we are.

Our four layer filter helps to ensure you breathe only the finest air. While one of our layers protects against over 99,9% of PM2.5 (small solid objects the size of one hundredth of a hair), Activated Carbon Fibre layer removes most gaseous pollutants such as SO2, and NO2.

Our Values

No compromises on quality

Whatever we do, we don't cut corners. Our products are always designed carefully, with great attention to detail. They are made with bespoke materials manufactured to our order, starting from fabrics ending on cord stoppers. There is absolutely no room for 'random suppliers' or 'temporary solutions'. This way we make sure that YOU, our client always feel very special when you wear Lekko.