Bike mask, cycling mask, bicycle mask, mask for cycling
Bike mask in form of a scarf by Lekko

BIKE MASKS | Which one to choose?

Everyone loves cycling

Cycling gives you freedom and help you stay healthy. However, street dirt, dust and allergens in the air can take away the pleasure of every ride. On chiller days, cooling of the respiratory tract can easily make you catch a cold. That is why we have created our filtration scarf, a perfect bike mask.

A bike mask - why is it worth investing in?

Physical activity is unequivocally beneficial for our body, e.g. improves stamina, burn fat, and releases a number of "happiness" hormones that affect our well-being: dopamine responsible for motivation, serotonin affects our mood, and endorphins that add energy and reduce stress.

However, air pollutants that we come across while cycling not only reduce the health benefits of driving, but also can be even harmful. In the heating season we suffer from smog, but all year round, while walking on the streets, we are exposed to exhaust fumes, sand blasts and the dangerous road dirt from worn tires and car pads. What's more they are blown into the air by every oncoming car stay in the air all the time.

In addition, during exercise, the ventilation of the lungs increases and the amount of air flowing through them increases, which translates into the absorption of more pollutants. That is why masks and filtering scarves that catch harmful particles and gases provide great protection.

How do cycling masks work? Which one to choose?

Lekko bike masks in the form of a scarf have the best filtering system that is tight and protects the user also while moving. The highest quality N95 filters trap the smallest pollutants, including PM10 and PM2.5 dust, which include smog, dust from tires and brake blocks, soot from exhaust gases, but also allergens and many others. An additional layer of activated carbon neutralizes the volatile organic compounds from the exhaust gas. This allows you to move freely not only on a bike, but also in the course of everyday use.

What distinguishes our masks from all others is their form of a scarf, which protects the neck against wind and cold, which translates into comfort and reduces the risk of colds when the respiratory tract is cooled.

Bike mask, cycling mask, bicycle mask, mask for cycling
Lekko Scarf 3.0 - Exploaded view

What else do our bike masks stand out?

Lekko scarves are not only available in many colors. Their outer layer around the filter and mouth is made of a perforated material that ensures free air flow. Also, the N95 filter with the best breathability / effectiveness ratio makes breathing easier. The contoured filter frame provides exceptional fit and comfort. Fastening with a zipper allows you to conveniently put on and take off the mask without damaging the hairstyle or discomfort, and the welt allows you to adjust the mask to each face.

A scarf as a bicycle mask, apart from protecting against cold, also offers an aesthetic, more attractive appearance, more natural than an ordinary mask. This makes the scarf very pleasant to use. Check our offer and find the perfect scarf for yourself.