Is there a filter inside the scarf?

Yes. Lekko Scarf is composed of outer and inner fabric that protect the filter and give it cozy and warm feel. In the middle of the scarf there is a double-layered removable filter.

Does Lekko Scarf protect against particles of PM2.5 and PM10?

Yes, and in fact, Lekko Scarf, thanks to the use of a nano-fibre filter blocks particles 100 times smaller than PM10, i.e. the barrier starts with the size of the pollutant at the level of PM0.1.

Why should I change the filter?

Our filters provide certified, top-class filtration. We stop particles with a size of 0.1 micron. During use (inhalation of air by the user) the filter tissue stops contaminants on its surface, clogging gradually, whilst washing or other attempt to remove impurities from it will compromise its homogeneous structure, thus the effective barrier will be desintegrated. That's why we recommend replacing the filters.

What is the filtration efficiency?

Exchangeable filter Lekko provides certified filtration compliant with the N99 standard. The activated carbon layer filters gases, including SO2, NO2 and unpleasant odors. The patented nano-fibre fabric filters particles as small as PM0.1, blocking pollen, pesticides, dust, bacteria, some viruses, combustion particles from liquid fuel engines (including diesel), and cigarette smoke. The efficiency of filtration during tests in renowned Nelson Labs was determined at 99.97% (test based on passing 0.1 micron polystyrene particles through nano-fibre layer).

How durable is the Lekko Scarf?

Lekko Scarf is made in European Union from high quality cotton and if we take care of it properly, according to the maintenance instructions it should be able to withstand as long as normal cotton clothing. Remember to wash it in delicate detergents, on programs designed for delicate clothing. To increase the durability of the scarves and prevent creasing and wiping, we recommend storing it in the enclosed box.

Is it possible to do jogging with Lekko?

The current form of the scarf is intended for everyday use and will not necessarily work during a more intense effort. The team is developing a new product with a design that allows running or sport cycling.

We suggest limiting intensive activity during periods of high concentrations of pollutants.

Is scarf suitable for a bicycle?

Lekko Scarf can be used freely during urban, recreational cycling.

Is a product available for children?

Lekko Scarf is suitable for children from 10-12 years old upwards. Works on the version for younger children are underway.

Can the scarf be cleaned / washed?

Yes. The scarf was designed in a functional way, and is made of high quality cotton. You can detach the filter and wash it on a delicate program, using delicate and natural detergents. During drying, we recommend straightening it to avoid unsightly bends.

What is the life of the filter?

Our removable filters provide certified filtration compliant with the N99 standard. During usage (inhalation of the air by the user) the filter tissue stops contaminants on its surface, clogging gradually, and washing or other attempt to remove impurities will damage its homogeneous structure.

The rate of consumption is therefore related to the individual way of use and the environment in which the filter is located. The service life in medium-contaminated conditions (up to 100 AQI units) is 60-90 hours.

With more intensive use, the filter may become damp. In such cases, we recommend drying the filter before the next use. Failure to do so may result in microbial growth, thereby shortening its lifespan.

Can I see the result of laboratory tests?

The test results are available HERE.

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